My route was a little bit sinuous. I was born in Cambrai, in the north of France. After being graduate as an electronic engineer (computing speciality), I took a part in a one year scientific mission in Adelie Land (Antarctica) with French Polar Expeditions, Paul-Emile Victor missions. When I came back to France, I learnt house wood carpentry and went on training with the journeymen carpenters. I got married with Anne-Marie, and we got two children. We lived successively in Touraine, Poitou, Limousin, Corrèze, Cambrésis and Aveyron. I was alternately a worker, then a carpenter tradesman. Then I came back to computing, then again to joinery and carpentry, including a period when I was a school pastoral assistant. Then I worked half time as a senior consultant in a project managing consulting firm and used my manual skills fitting out our house. I'm now retired, that allows me to spent a great part of my time working in the house. Anne-Marie passed over, and I got married with Odile. I live with her in Minervois. My born area is Cambrésis; Minervois is my adopted area, with that I fell in love; but the area of my heart is Aveyron Ségala. I have a trade (carpentry) and an occupation (computing) that are two complementary passions. Pierre, who was my employer and is a friend, often said to me: "for you, you love the Man..." This love for humanity has its roots in my faith in risen Jesus Christ. 



I also got around a lot. I was born near Chartres and grew up in Parisian suburb. I'm graduated as a sport teacher and did it in and out of school environment, and was specialized in swimming teaching, from swimming babies to seniors via people with disabilities. I moved a lot in the centre of France (Nivernais, Morvan, Bourbonnais...) After an accident, I changed and became an education senior adviser in a private agricultural high school. I finished my career as a school pastoral assistant. Prematurely divorced, I lived alone with two children before getting married with Jean-Michel. By chance, with professional moves, I arrived in Minervois and stayed there by love of this land. Amid my tribulations I was Lucky enough to meet God, the saviour, in the person of risen Jesus Christ, and I became attached to Him. Then, I did a theological and pastoral training course, and, in the same time, a training in the listening and the support.