Tableau  de Beth-Salem (partie 2)

What is Beth-Salem?

Beth-Salem is the initiative of a couple, Odile and Jean-Michel Lévêque, hospitality-oriented. In a first time, the main goal was to receive at home every person, whatever they are, whatever their history, their social status, their needs. The goal is that everybody be able to settle down and feel welcomed, listen to, accompanied. It's why we created the property investment company Beth-Salem Cesseras whitch goes on with the alteration works in the house in order to increase the welcome capacity and improve its conditions.

In no way Beth-Salem is a commercial company. Our wish is that everybody can benefit from it, without means-tested basis.

Why "Beth-Salem"?

Most of the first people we hosted felt the house as "peaceful": "How fit and well we feel, by you! How peaceful it is!" That where the idea of the name "peace house" came from. We have some affinities with the Bible language and it seemed to us that "Beth-Salem" in Hebrew sounds better than "house of peace". So we chose this name. Only after that we discovered that it's said "beit salam" in Arabic; it's why there are the three written forms on the logo.

Experience shows us that hospitality is - both for host and guest - a great source of inner peace, first step towards international peace.

Future prospects

Why not, one day, an association "Beth-Salem" gathering people who share these values? Warning for amateurs!